Norton Antivirus, an effective antivirus program, provides optimum protection for Macintosh and Windows systems. Norton keeps you away from adware, pop-ups, viruses, worms, spyware, key loggers and digital threats. However, sometimes, it creates several errors and glitches due to various known and unknown reasons. Besides, Norton Error 3048 3 is very annoying and occurs while installing any program or Windows startup or shutdown.

How to fix norton error 3048 3?

Warning Signs Of Norton Error 3048 3:

  • Active program start crashing randomly
  • Error code 3048 3 appears on the computer screen.
  • Windows gets extremely slow.
  • Your computer doesn’t work according to keyboard or mouse input.
  • Hanging up the computer system.

Some common warnings that users should not overlook and once appear on the screen, users should quickly apply some necessary solutions to fix it.  However, it would be the right choice if you determine all possible causes before applying any troubleshooting methods.

Possible Causes Of Norton Error 3048 3

Below are some probable reasons for error 3048 3 that each Norton users must know about: 

  • Damaged Windows registry or program file of Norton Antivirus.
  • An incomplete installation can be also a fundamental reason behind such error.
  • Malicious programs, digital threats such as viruses, bugs or malware infections.
  • Outdated or corrupt device drivers.

Step By Step Demonstrations to mend Norton Error 3048 3

Step 1:

Update Device Drivers:

  • To update device drivers, users should go to the Control Panel.
  • Now, select the ‘Hardware & Devices’ option and the ‘Device Manager’ option.
  • Locate and select that device you are looking forward to updating.
  • Choose ‘Update Driver’ option which would present two following options:
    • Option 1: ‘Search for the updated driver software’
    • Option 2: ‘Browse computer for updated software’
  • This Driver program will not only scan the computer system but also present an ‘Update all Drivers’ option.

Step 2:

Restore System With Default Setting:

  • Navigate to Start button from computer system
  • Select the ‘All Programs’ option and open ‘Accessories’.
  • Reach out to the ‘System Tools’ program and opt for the ‘System Restore’ option.
  • Click the ‘Next’ option and choose a restore point.
  • Again tap ‘Next’ option and select the ‘Finish’ option to confirm restore point to start System Restore.​ 

Step 3:

Delete Temporary Files:  

  • Go to the computer system and press the ‘Windows’ button along with ‘R’ simultaneously to open the ‘Run’ window.
  • Type %temp% in the box and click ‘OK’ option to open the temp folder
  • Select all files by pressing ‘Ctrl + A’ and press the ‘Delete’ button using the keyboard.
  • Click ‘Yes’ to confirm and you will be able to delete all temporary files.

Step 4:

Scan PC For Malware Infection And Bugs:

  • For that, go to the ‘Start’ button on your computer and type cmd.
  • You need to choose ‘Run as Administrator’ by right-clicking on the cmd.exe file.
  • Click ‘Yes’ on UAC (that stands for User Account Control) prompt.
  • Type SFC/Scan now once cursor starts blinking and press ‘Enter key’.
  • System File Checker checks system files and removes malware infection effectively.

Step 5:

Uninstall And Reinstall Norton Antivirus: 

  • Press the start button and go to the control panel.
  • Click on Program and Features.
  • Look for the Norton Antivirus and right-click to select the ‘Uninstall’ option.
  • Once you click, you will be able to remove this antivirus from the computer system.
  • Now go to and reinstall your printer drivers.

The above-mentioned are some significant solutions via which one can easily get rid of Norton Error 3048 3. Besides, you must be careful while implementing troubleshooting steps so that you could successfully root it out.


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